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What is Plasma Health?

Plasma Health is an organization that seeks to remove barriers to entry into the Health IT industry, in order to foster innovation and ultimately improve patient care.

We support developers who want to build innovative, useful, and interesting technologies and apps on top of existing EHR systems. To do this, we provide development tools and educational materials to facilitate the development of these software applications. We take care of the details of connectivity and let developers focus on the requirements and business needs of their applications.

Plasma Platform

The Plasma Health Platform is a framework to help with building interoperable health IT applications. It utilizes SMART-on-FHIR. Some features of this framework include:

  • Templates to scaffold a new app
    • For web, we provide React templates
    • For mobile, we provide React Native templates
  • Component libraries for displaying and working with FHIR resources
  • Full TypeScript support
  • Sample applications to use as a reference
  • Videos and guides to help build your application


You may contact us at